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Here is the tear bear stencil that I promised.  Its not perfect but lets face it it's a tear bear and it won't be when you rip the Mulberry paper either.  I suggest printing the stencil out on heavy cardstock or use regular copy paper and glue it onto a nice firm piece of cereal box.  Then use a craft knife to cut out the pieces.  I actually do not use the individual pieces but instead use it as a true stencil. that way I don't have to worry about keeping track of all those little pieces. I just use a pen that has dried up to trace the pattern onto the mulberry paper (or even cardstock). Using the stencil it it very easy to trace the pattern multiple times (think spyro graph) and then once you take your paint brush to trace the edges it tears so easily. It is important to let the paper dry thoroughly before proceeding (I mean let it sit overnight if you can). Once the paper is dry you need to adhere the layers together (by this I mean the 4 belly pieces, 3 or 4 head pieces). This will give you nice fat pieces of mulberry paper to fluff out.  Again, and I can't stress this enough, you need to let it dry all the way through.  Do not use a dry adhesive, you want to really let the glue soak in stick the pieces together.  Hot glue would work but you may have issues trying to fluff around the hard residue. Once dry take the body parts and one by one put them on a hard surface and fluff using a metal brush (I got mine at Dollarama) if you can't find one then an old toothbrush will suffice. Fluff in one direction. I like to work from the centre out turning the piece as I go.  Once your bear is fluffy enough ink or chalk the edges. Then you can assemble your bear.

I use the nose and eye downloads from The Beary Scrap Site. She has a wide range of eye colours. (Mine just don't look right so why reinvent the wheel right). The best part is that they are free downloads.

< style="font-weight: normal;">Not all Creativity requires paper and ink. Look for ways to express your creativity in your everyday life. Here are a few of my favourite ideas.

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