Monday, 27 June 2016

Teacher Appreciation Gifts: Fairy Garden Stone

This is one of my favourite fairy silhouettes. It's funny to have a favourite, but I do. I tend to collect fairy images. It reminds me to believe in magic. Not that I believe in fairies....but rather I want to believe in the wonder and what ifs of fairy lore. 

My daughter has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. She thinks of everyone that touches her life and wants to thank each and every one of them. It's an admirable quality I think, though it does force me to come up with more gift ideas. 

This garden stone is for Miss Pickstock. She is more than an EA. (Not that being an EA is not heroic enough), but this particular one has been there for my girl at every corner of her academic adventure. She dried many tears, covered many injuries and helped to mold my daughter into the beautiful young woman she has become.

How to make a fairy garden stone:

  1. I used a digital image from Gecko Galz and printed it on white copy paper using my inkjet printer.
  2. Using spray adhesive, I glued the image to a ceramic tile that I had covered in Gesso. 
  3. I used multiple colours of glitter glue to fill in the separate areas of the image. 
  4. Allow to dry fully and then cover the image with glossy accents.
  5. Once the glossy accents dried, I used a black alcohol marker to trace all the lines in the original image. This made the black ink sit on top of the glue and give a very rich stained glass feel.
  6. Flat Backed marbles were covered with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam and glued to the edge of the tile to create the border. 
  7. After the glue dried and the marbles were stable I dripped more Glimmer Glam on top of them.

Voila...a sweet fairy accent for our wonderful Miss Pickstock.