Monday, 1 February 2016

Easel Valentine's Day Card using Gecko Galz Ephemera

I love February. It's not just because it's the month I was born in (though I do like that part too), it's just far enough from Christmas that life has returned to normal and not so close to Easter that we are gearing up again for holiday business. Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Family Day...they are all pretty low effort fun holidays without much fanfare attached. My point being, it's a great time to craft. If you are a vintage inspired crafter like me February is your month to shine. In February there is no such thing as too many doilies in a piece or too much lace. You can just decorate to excess and it will be considered on trend.

I made a pile of projects for February. I won't inundate you with them all on one day, so be sure to come back often to see what I have been working on.

I love the lollipop flowers on the cute Valentine's card. It looks complicated but it actually is a very fast card to put together.

You will need:

Gecko Galz Ephemera Sheet
Red 12x12 cardstock (2 sheets)
flat backed adhesive gems
small piece of white or cream cardstock.

First assemble the card base. You do this by cutting your 12x12 sheet into two 12x6 sections. Set one 12x6 aside and cut the other in half forming a 6x6. Fold the 12x6 in half forming a 6x6 card base. Now score and fold the top of that card base back creating a doubled over 3x6. This will act as your hinge mechanism. Next take the 6x6 square you cut and adhere it to the card base. Be sure to only apply adhesive to the bottom half of the folded piece so that it can pop up.

Now that the base is done you will need to cut your design paper. I used Gecko Galz Ephemera and matted it on colonial white cardstock. The mat should be 5.5 inches square and the design paper should be 5.25 square.

Mat your chosen ephemera onto red cardstock and mount on card. Decorate as desired.

Use the piece of cardstock to create a sentiment and pop it up on foam squares to use it as the stopper to hold the page up.

Decorate the base as you feel appropriate,'ve done it again.

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